Programs/ Courses in Myanmar

Courses for July 17- August 17

Inquire for our introductory Pre Uni program with generous discounts.

The program which will give the worldwide pathway Unis with credit point transfer or without attending fondation course in Australia and UK.

Register now! Limited Seats!
To start in September 2017.

By qualified local teachers and native speakers

Essential English for all.

Initial Settlement Package (By native speaker)

  • Life in Australia!   
  • Research and Report preparation.

Professional Development Courses(By native speaker and qualified English teacher)

  • Business English
  • Teacher training courses

Courses for August, 2017, 2018

The short courses are categorised as
1) English language proficiency courses(ELPC)
2) Professional development training courses(PDTC)

 Courses for July August September, 2017.

Please contact us for the details of the courses :
1) English language proficiency  courses
       Elementary Level ( English language proficiency courses)
       Intermediate Level ( English language proficiency courses)
       Preparatory course for IELTS
       Business Presentation

      Intended Courses for  2018

Please contact us for the "expressions of interest" of the courses:

2)  Professional development  training courses

       Project Management
       Risk Management Plan
       Standard Operating Procedure
       Corporate Finance
       Safeguarding Computer 
       Social Media Marketing
       Hotel Operation Management

We welcome industries' and organisations' needs for training, we would be matching the expression of interests to the qualified professional. With the volunteer resources, we will inform the upcoming short courses to the AMES network. As a corporate or an organisation, be a member of AMES network and you can be assured that you do not miss out the opportunities.
please contact us (Email) :

Individual employee or student are encouraged to be registered as AMES potential student profile to find out the opportunities for scholarships, short courses, on job training and volunteering opportunities.

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